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Christian skits for those that see drama as a vehicle to teach and spread God's message! 

“Do You Wish You Could Find Short, Meaningful Christian Skits That Have A Strong Christian Message & That Are Actually Entertaining?

If So, You Must Read This Now!”

Hi I'm Gracie Dickeson
Christian Playwright and Author of This
Collection of Short Christian Plays and Skits

Dear Fellow Christian,

Are you searching for Christian plays and skits, but you just can't find what you're looking for?

Well, you're not alone...

Did you know that over 80% of people looking for Christian skits and plays on the internet, end up frustrated and annoyed from wasting time and money on skits that simply don't work!

And when they do find a skit that fits what they are looking for, it's usually badly written with cheazy dialogue and just too long and complex!

Now, because you are here right now, you already know how powerful skits are in sharing the positive Christian message, whether it be at a Church, school or youth group.

Which means you're just looking for short, easy skits that are entertaining, funny and have a strong Christian message, right?

On your search for Christian skits,
 are you constantly coming up against these problems?

    arrow You can't find the skits you are looking for
    arrow The skits that you have found are low quality
    arrow The dialogue in many skits is tedious and uninteresting
    arrow Most skits are just too long (you really just want something, short, simple & effective)
    arrow There are few skits online that are not cheazy
    arrow You simply can't find what you want and you are sick of looking!

Not only that, but you have found that most playwrights and scripts don't give you any additional information like:

    tick  What Bible reference the skit is based on
    tick  Contextual notes - detailing the idea & background of the skit
    tick  Staging directions - explaining the best way to stage the skit
    tick  Professional script layout - (many playwrights simply don't use the right script structure)
    tick  Duration, Genre and Target Audience - (basic, but essential items of a skit)

These are really the simple things, that many Christian playwrights take for granted leaving everything up to you to work out, but it doesn't have to be this way!

Then you have come to the right place!

To find out more about a collection of Christian based skits which answer all of the above, read this very carefully!

You see my team and I have been doing research regarding people exactly like YOU; people who are looking for Scripture based skits to do in their Christian environment.

Instead of us just plonking some plays on a website and hoping you buy them, we have spent alot of time asking and researching exactly what you want and what problems you are encountering and now we are very confident that we have come up with answers to all of these.

tick  Short In Length, Light In Delivery And Very Easy To Put On 
    tick  Specifically Written For The Christian Environment
    tick  Guaranteed To Make Your Audience Laugh (that's an actual guarantee)
    tick  No Experience Required To Put Them On
    tick  Each Script Reflects The Christian Values
    tick  Will Dramatically Increase Your Church Congregation Numbers
    tick  You Can Perform Them As Many Times As You Wish (there are no royalty structures)
    tick  Leave Your Audience Feeling Uplifted

For a Christian skit to be effective at spreading the gospel, it has to contain a well written storyline, an engaging message and characters with whom the audience can identify.

My characters often provide a different perspective of the well-known Christian stories. They often have a fun, humorous element and can be adapted to the local context.

Unless the script is written by an experienced playwright with actual theatre experience... it is unlikely that all 3 elements will be present.

Below shows the level of detail you recieve in each play, which you wont find in many other Christian play scripts.  

(Snippet from "The Not-So-Wise Man!")            

(Snippet from "The Not-So-Wise Man!")            

The Secret To Putting On A Great Christian Skit Is Simply Using A Professionally Written Script!

One of my biggest surprises was to find my plays not only great fun for the actors to perform (who ranged from young children to adults)... but also they were well-received by the audience (young and old)...

no Needing to spend weeks planning and rehearsing - They are written specifically to be produced in a very short time, some even in a couple of hours!
no How to put the skit on - If you have little or no experience putting on a Christian skit, then don't worry, you will be doing a skit written by a professional playwright with 20 years experience and who has personally tested each one herself!
no Needing to spend large amounts of money on props and costumes - The suggested costumes for most of the skits can be acquired for free or at very little cost.
no Being dissapointed with cheazy or low quality dialogue - These skits have been written by a professional playwright; not only that, each skit has been fine tuned and tested so you can be assured that they actually work!
no Needing to pursuade people to be part of these skits - As soon as they have seen one of these skits, they will be jumping at the chance to be part of the next one, (especially the natural actors).
no The length of the skit being too long - Just about all people looking for Christian skits are looking for short skits; why? People don't want to be spending hours, days, weeks preparing for a skit that lasts an hour. People want SHORT skits, that are quick and easy to prepare and quick and easy to present!
How Would You Like To Have A Great Experience Putting On A Skit At Your Church, School Or Youth Group?

"Your plays are different to any other plays we have tried at our church and we have received so much great feedback.

You really are quite gifted at writing Christian play scripts. I would recommend your plays to anyone."

--- Josie Allan
Austin, Texas

After years of encouraging feedback, I'm now convinced that...

Putting On A Skit Is One Of The Best Ways

To Get People Involved While Spreading The Message!

Everyone loves and appreciates a story about people who have concerns and attitudes just like themselves.

That's why well-written plays which spread the uplifting and positive Christian message are so effective.

An added bonus is that rehearsing their lines and "getting into their roles" helps the actors understand the Biblical messages better too (young and old).

So get as many people as possible involved! I guarantee they will get so much out of the experience.

Young children learn best in a fun and engaging environment.

For the audience, nothing captures their attention more than a creative storyline. That's why live performances have so much influence in popular culture.

Why Not Benefit From The Story-Telling Power Of Christian Plays And Skits By...

Staging A Short Play Instead Of Having A Traditional Gospel Reading

Using A Short Play To Teach The Bible's Messages

Putting A Play On At Schools To Spread The Gospel To Young People

Staging A Play At Your Church Service Or Gathering

Staging A Play As Part Of Religious Education In Schools

Staging A Play During Special Occasions Such As Christmas or Easter?

"Great selection of scripts...Easy and clear to follow...Humorous in a fantastic Christian way...Very well written...Incredible value!

--- Pastor Maureen Jacobs
Sydney, Australia

The possibilities are endless.

"A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."
(Psalm 25:11)


Maybe you already know about the immense benefits of staging a play for your church, Christian group or school but don't know how to get started.

Very often, the most difficult part of staging a play does not lie in the logistics or rehearsals... but in finding the proper script.

  Putting On A Christian Play Or Drama Is So Much Easier With A Professionally Written Script!

I know how difficult it can be for someone to piece together a script that has just the right elements.

The writing process is time-consuming, and not everyone can come up with great scripts with an ear for dialogue at a moment's notice.

That's why I'm inspired to share my collection of 10 tried-and-tested Christian plays with you.

Each play is professionally written by me (with staging directions, Bible references and notes).

They have also been audience tested and fine-tuned... so you can be assured that they'll be well-received wherever you choose to perform them.

Introducing... A Collection Of Short Christian Skits Specifically Designed For People Like YOU!
Here Are The Plays In This Special Package:
(For a limited time purchase these plays as a package or individually)
one  If Jesus Had Been Born in the Twenty-first Century

What if Jesus had been born in a little town close to where you live?

What if Jesus' parents rode a bicycle instead of a donkey?

Great comtemporary skit that will engage your audience!

Duration: 20 minutes
Bible Reference:
Modern interpretation of a nativity story

Time Limited Individual Price = $25 Now $15
two  The Last Supper

This 15 minute play attempts to recreate an authentic Jewish passover scene, and can be performed as part of a church service on the night of Maundy Thursday.

Duration: 15 minutes
Dramatic re-enactment of The Last Supper
Bible Reference:
The Last Supper (Luke 22:7-23)

Adults and children will love the play for its vivid and powerful reenactment.

Time Limited Individual Price = $25 Now $15
three  Blind Bartimaeus

In this delightful monologue, Barty’s mother is so busy nagging him when he phones her that she doesn’t hear the wonderful news he has to tell her.

Duration: 3 minutes
Bible Reference:
Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52)

Time Limited Individual Price = $20 Now $9
four  The Calling of The First Disciples

How would Simon, Peter’s wife, react to the news that he was going to leave fishing and follow Jesus?

Duration: 4 minutes
Bible Reference:
(Luke 5:1-11)

Time Limited Individual Price = $20 Now $9
five  The Faith of the Centurion

An inspiring story where a Roman Commander who has 100 men under his charge realize that Jesus commands the entire Universe.

Duration: 6 minutes
Dramatic re-enactment of Roman Scene
Bible Reference: 
(Luke 7:1-10)

Time Limited Individual Price = $20 Now $9
six  Zacchaeus and Jesus

In this light-hearted tale, Zacchaeus’ cheating life is turned upside down when Jesus comes to his house for lunch.

Duration: 10 minutes
Light-hearted contemporary/Bible Story re-enactment
Bible Reference:
Zacchaeus meets Jesus (Luke 19:1-27)

Time Limited Individual Price = $23 Now $12
seven  The Not-So-Wise Man - Christmas Comedy

This humorous play, with its comic and exaggerated actions, makes it suitable for an outreach audience.

Duration: 10 minutes
Christmas comedy
Bible Reference:
The Wisemen and Shepherds visit Jesus (Matthew 2)

Time Limited Individual Price = $23 Now $12
eight  Never Say You're Too Small - Christmas Comedy

This is a pantomime style, lighthearted children’s play featuring an imaginative interpretation of the Nativity. A hit with young children and actors!

Duration: 10 minutes
Pantomime Style / light-hearted Christmas play
Bible Reference:
An imaginative interpretation of the Nativity

Time Limited Individual Price = $23 Now $12
nine  A New Start - Easter Play

In this contemporary interpretation of what Easter might mean to young people, the audience learns how to get rid of the negative labels we often give ourselves... and to recognize the goodness within everyone of us. A great piece for older children.

Duration: 15 minutes
Contemporary interpretation of what Easter might mean to young people
Bible Reference:
Any reference where Jesus offers new life

Time Limited Individual Price = $25 Now $15
ten  Look Who's Alive - Easter Play

This play is a creative interpretation of an ancient Jewish marketplace in Bethany about the raising of Lazarus.

Duration: 5 minutes
Light-hearted drama
Bible Reference:
Jesus anointed at Bethany (John 12:1-11)

Time Limited Individual Price
= $20 Now $9

Actually Gracie, I Want The Whole Package Of 10 Christian Skits For Just $37 (saving me $80!)

Easily Perform One Of These 10 Skits!

I must admit  It wasn't easy deciding which skits to include in this package.

After all, I had written close to a hundred skits over the past few years, all focused on spreading the positive word of Christ.

But I wanted to make this package suitable for everyone. I wanted to make sure that anyone, even those with little or no experience in staging skits, can put on a play and be part of a fun production.  

That's why these 10 plays are all:

Easy to follow even for new or inexperienced actors. Each play has been tested and staged by new / young actors. Not only did they enjoy themselves tremendously, they also offered to act in future plays!
Suitable for audiences of all ages & backgrounds: The plays all spread the Christian message of love, hope, forgiveness and 8 encouragement in a positive, engaging way. There are no big words or confusing dialogues, which make them especially suitable for children. Yet at the same time, the content is suitable for older children and adults.
Easy to stage  No elaborate sets or props needed. The plays were originally written to be performed in classrooms, churches and nursing homes, with no stage necessary at all. Of course, you are free to construct your own set and include more props... according to the occasion!
Written by an experienced, mature and well-grounded Christian  I have over 20 years of experience with both Christian and non-religious theatre productions.
Can be adapted to your local setting.The audience simply LOVE recognizing local names of people and places in the scripts. What if Jesus had been born in your town?! My experience over these 2 decades have taught me to be sensitive to other cultures and contexts, which is why the Christian messages in these plays... although engaging and educational... are never overbearing or insensitive. As such, they are suitable for reaching out to non-Christian audiences as well.

My experience over these 2 decades have taught me to be sensitive to other cultures and contexts, which is why the Christian messages in these plays... although engaging and educational... are never overbearing or insensitive.

As such, they are suitable for reaching out to non-Christian audiences as well!

But don't take my word for it, here's what some of my customers have to say about my skits.

"This is a great collection! 

I can't believe how versatile these play scripts are. I always found it very difficult to find scripts that I could do with both kids and adults in the Christian environment. 

Well, now I don't have this problem!"

--- Justine Smith
Montgomery, Alabama

"This collection of plays is such great value. I really can't believe how this collection can be sold for such a low price considering how much I have spent on Christian plays & skits in the past. 

Don't buy any Christian play scripts from amateur or unknown writers - This collection is genuine."

--- Kathy Ball
Atlanta, Georgia

"It's so hard finding a play for Christmas and Easter every year but this collection of plays has given our group loads of ideas - for example, telling the story from the innkeeper's point of view or the donkey's!

It's the different points of view which make her plays so appealing and engaging. You don't feel like you are telling the same old story.

She puts it all into a new light.

--- Beverly Clark
London, England

"I was a teacher at one of the schools where Gracie's plays was going to be performed. Not much of a church attender, I was very skeptical about what it would be like.

But it was so affirming and encouraging for those young children. We always looked forward to her plays after that."

--- Jill Weisler
Melbourne, Australia

How Would You Like To Download And Print

These Plays For Your Own Use?

I figured that the easiest way for you to access these plays would be through an instant download. No shipping charges and no need to wait for the package to arrive in the mail. That's why I have made the full scripts of these 10 plays available as a PDF document, viewable on any computer.

 You receive 10 professionally written scripts with full staging directions and additional notes. Viewable on any computer (PC or Mac).

Order Today & You'll Also Recieve This Special Bonus...

You'll recieve this fantastic Bonus completely FREE when you buy this package of Christian skits!

FREE Bonus worth $29: Gracie's Blue-Print Guide To Putting On A Great Christian Skit.

This guide gives you everything you need to know to put on a Christian skit. Learn the tips and tricks that I have learnt over the past 20 years. Why waste time trying to work it out yourself when you can get this blue-print guide absolutely FREE!

You'll learn about:

Planning and preparation - how to do it in a quarter of the time.

Props and costumes
- why you don't need a big budget and how you can find costumes for next to nothing or FREE.

On The Day - important preparations you must do.

How to get those laughs - it's alot easier than you think, but very few people know how to do it consistently. This guide will show you exactly what works and how to do it!

How to select the right skit - don't get caught out; why choosing a script from a professional playwright is virtually all you need.

Yes, I actually sell this guide individually for $29, But You'll Get It For FREE!

Yes Gracie, I Want This Limited Time Package Of 10 Christian Skits! & Gracie's Blue-Print Guide All For Just $37 (saving me $80!)

This Collection Makes A Great Investment For Any Church, School Or Christian Organization!

This full set of 10 professionally written plays can be yours for only US$37. At just $3.70 per play and considering the time you save from not having to write your own play scripts from scratch... this is a great investment you can make for your church, school or Christian organization.

This set of plays makes a great gift too.

You are free to print as many copies of the scripts as needed for all the people involved in your play, or for your students.

Unlike other commercial scripts, there are NO royalties or limitations on usage whatsoever. You have full permission to stage the plays included in this package anywhere. You can also use them to put up plays for fund-raising purposes, and keep 100% of the proceeds you collect.

Don't Waste Any More Time Looking... Take Action Now & Start Making A Difference!

Too many people these days do not take action when a great solution is presented to them which solves their problems. Instead they continue looking when they could be making a huge difference NOW!

Would you rather experience the fulfilment of sharing the wonderful Christian message through the power of skits now? or would you rather continue looking, hoping that you will find something better, which could be days, weeks or even months!

Taking action is the only way you will see difference!

Try Out My Plays For A Full 60 Days!

I really want you to be 100% convinced that these play scripts are the best investment you can make for your church, Sunday school classes or even family gatherings.

If you want a fun and easy way to spread the Christian message, especially in these times, there is no better way to do so than through one of these uplifting plays. They require no elaborate sets, props or costumes to perform and are suitable for all ages.

That's why I'm giving you a full 60 days to try these play scripts out for yourself. Download my scripts within the next 15 minutes and read them. Try them out at your church or next cell group gathering. If you are NOT satisfied or convinced that these plays can allow you to easily spread the Christian message in a fun way... just let me know and I'll give you a full refund.

Get Just One Skit Or The Whole Package...
The Choice Is Yours!

The reason why I'm making my plays available individually and as a package is to help YOU reach a larger audience with Christ's message. I realize that not everyone may be a born writer... that's why these scripts will help you get started, fast.

But if they are not as good as what you expected... I would rather not take your money. This is my personal promise to you as a professional playwright. If these Christian plays are not up to your standard for whatever reason... I don't want your money!

Yes Gracie, I Want This Limited Time Package Of 10 Christian Skits! & Gracie's Blue-Print Guide All For Just $37

NOTE: You can download your copy even if it's 2AM in the morning!

* All sales are processed by our payment processor, ClickBank, through their secure servers.

We DO NOT gain access at any point in time to your credit card information.

You can get started with these play scripts in as little as 15 minutes. Remember  The whole package is available as an instant download, so there is no waiting for the package to arrive in the mail, and you can print as many copies as you like.

You'll pay only $3.70 per play! And you'll be getting not just one but TEN Christian plays scripts.

That might sound a little crazy, but I want to make sure you don't even have to think about it.

But this introductory price will disappear. It's not a permanent feature. Very soon, I will have to increase the price up to something that's not so low.

Go Download Your Copy Right Now!

To Your Successful Performance,

Gracie Dickeson
Professional Playwright, Drama Teacher

P.S  The last time I checked, other websites are selling Christian-related plays for $15 to $20 EACH. Since my aim is to share my plays with as many Christians as possible, I'm making them available for an affordable low price of just $3.70 each as a package. This is just to cover my time and energy in putting this website up.

With 10 plays in the package, you will never run out of ideas again for Christmas or Easter. Go download yourcopy right now.

P.P.S  My marketing friend advised me to write something "really-hardhitting" here to get you to download my plays package. But I decided not to. This Christian Plays Package is not for everyone. It is only for those who see the value in using drama as a vehicle to teach and spread God's messages in a sensible and engaging way... especially to our younger generation. If this feels right for you, then click here to download your copy.

"Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds....Teach them to your children, talking about them...when you walk along the road."
(Deut 11:20)

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